Messaging at Work Got Us Thinking About Moving to a New Apartment in Alamo Heights

My wife and I were messaging back and forth one day while we were at work. We were on the computer using a live messaging system. We were both in our offices at work doing the same old boring stuff we usually do on a Monday morning. Our topic of conversation turned from the regular stuff to maybe looking at apartments for rent in Alamo Heights. Our lease was ending where we were at, and we definitely wanted a new place to live. We wanted a nicer apartment, nicer neighbors, and we wanted to adopt a dog. We could not really have any of that where we had lived for the last year.

Our messaging got us motivated to check out some of the better apartments for rent in Alamo Heights. One we really liked had a dog park and allowed us to adopt a dog. We checked out the apartment that was available. It had a nice balcony, comfortable rooms, a very nice kitchen with granite, and it had hardwood floors and big closets. The place looked brand new inside. It was really modern. There was no dated stuff in the place. I also had never seen a place so clean. Normally, we would want to scrub a place from top to bottom before moving in. We did not find a hint of the former tenant there. There was not a crumb, hair or hint of an odor that anyone had lived there before.

I was impressed and so was my wife. Then we spied the fireplace. That sold me right there. My wife asked about having a washer and dryer. That was a good point. I would rather never have to use a laundry room again. The person showing us the place showed us the washer and dryer hookups. That was another selling plus. We could not hold back and had to sign a lease. This is really a nice place in Alamo Heights for us to live.