Know About Mega Pixels

When you are set out to purchase a digital camera there are many options provided to you to select your perfect camera. However, there can be many terms of which we are unaware of and so unable to decide and select the correct camera for ourselves. One such term is mega pixel. A common question confronted in shops – “how many pixel camera are you looking for?” The question can be disturbing if you are unaware of the term.

First I shall start with explaining what a pixel means:

A pixel is referred to dots of color in digital world that helps to form pictures. The greater the number of pixels the greater quality picture can be recorded, and also enlarged photos with quality can be gained. One mega pixels refers to one million pixels in a camera that is sufficient to give a 4 x 6 size image. One MP camera is adequate for individuals who don’t plan to print photos but simply look forward to uploading them on the internet for sharing purpose. So the choice of a digital camera should be done according to the size of snaps desired by you and the quality expected. A 2 mega pixel camera will assist you to imprint 5 x 7 size images which can be extended to 8 x10 prints at the cost of quality compromise.

8 x 10 size images are well supported by 4 MP version which also allows printing 11 x 17 pictures but again quality differs. To get the size of 11 x 17 you again have to choose a great number pixel camera like the 5 mega pixel. Well these are the normal ranges of camera generally and commonly acceptable in market; any choice going beyond 5 mega pixels is used only by professionals. Over 5 mega pixel ranges is also selected by those who opt for having poster size snaps. In the market you also can get 3.2 MP cameras which are most popular as it can produce two size pictures like 5 x 8 and 8 x 10 with better quality. Normally the demand fluctuates between 1 mega pixels to 5 mega pixels. Any ways the choice should be a combination of desire and need, so that the final product gets to your expectation.

Sometimes the choice for camera can also be a combination of low MP and increased zoom option which can do wonders in your photography.

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