How to Make Perfect Canvas Photos

It is easy to make a good canvas photo print. You just upload the photo, pay the price and wait until your new photos on canvas are delivered. But if you want to make the perfect canvas print, you need to know a little about some technical issues. Do not worry though – it is not that complicated.

First of all you have to choose the right format, before you get your photos printed on canvas. The format of your photos has to match the format of the canvas.That means that if you like to buy a 30″ x 40″ size canvas photo, your photo has to be in the format 3:4 as well (or in other words the width must be 1.25 times the height).

The format varies among cameras. Most compact cameras shoot photos in the 3:4 format while SRL digital cameras shoot in a 2:3 format. Luckily many online photo dealers, who print canvas photos, provide online tools to check it automatically. If the photo format does not match the canvas size, you can crop the photo – if you not do it, it will be done automatically. But by doing it yourself, you have more control. Just remember that it is not a good idea to cut a head or a foot. If you have to do that to fit your photo on the canvas, it is probably better to choose another canvas format.

The next thing you have to think about is the size of the photo.If you print a photo in a standard photo size, the number of pixels does not really matters. But when it comes to printing photos on canvas, they do. To make big canvas photos, you need photos with high resolution (meaning a lot of pixels).If you only got a 2 megapixel camera, you can still get a good small-size canvas photo, but to get one of the bigger ones, you need a newer camera with much more pixels. With an 8 megapixels camera, you can have canvas photos in even the largest sizes.

The technical issues about Format and Size do also apply when printing normal photos. But the subject wraps is a special Canvas Photo issue.It is possible to buy your canvas photos rolled (like a poster), but normally you will have it wrapped around some kind of wooden bars.Basically there are two kinds of wraps: Museum Wraps and Gallery Wraps.

Museum wrap is the way the museums normally have their paintings hanging on the wall. The photo is printed on the canvas with a white area is added around it. When it is then stretched around the bars, the photo itself fills the front, while the sides and the back is just plain white canvas.

The museum wrap is a good solution, if you are planning to frame your canvas photo. And if important parts of the photo are near the edges, it is also a wise choice. It is also normally the wrap to choose, if your canvas photo is a reproduction of an original painting.

The big difference between the museum wrap and the gallery wrap is that in a gallery wrapped canvas, there is not added an extra white area. Instead the border of the canvas photo is wrapped around the edges, so the print extends around the sides of the canvas. The gallery wrap is perfect, if you are planning to hang your canvas photo without a frame. Just remember that it works best, if there is no important part of the photo in the edge part.

That is it. You do not have to learn more technical stuff to get a perfect canvas photo. Just remember to choose the right format (or crop your photo), the right size and the most suitable wrap type.