How To Create Perfect Facebook Wall Photos Every Time

You may have noticed there have been lots of changes recently to the Facebook Pages for Business including those sometime tricky Facebook Profile Images and Wall Page photos. Unless you are in the know you will have probably tried and failed already to upload a photo to your Facebook Wall Page which has resulted in a less than favourable looking image with just a torso on show or worse with no head. If this has happened to you and you would like to know the dimensions to use this article will most definitely help you.

We as a company take our business of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs understand all things relating to internet marketing seriously. When we set up our company Creative Online Marketing we did so on the back of several years online researching and testing lots of well know internet marketing strategies such as pay per click, video marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and of course our favourite article marketing. So naturally when Social Media became so popular we were one of the first companies in the UK embrace it and invest in bringing this exciting new marketing platform to our clients.

You may know that there are two areas on the Facebook Business Pages that you can go crazy with and personalise. The first is your Facebook Page Profile photo which by default Facebook resizes down to a maximum width of 200 pixels and a maximum height of 600 pixel. You can get some creative ideas on how to make best use of that space Facebook has generously given to you by looking at other brands and popular Facebook pages to see how they have used theirs. You may even need to test a few out on your page and ask people which one they like the best.

You are only half way there if you have now created your Facebook Profile Photo but the tricky bit is still yet to come. We believe Facebook is called Facebook for good reason and that it is not called Logobook or MyPetbook so it should always feature your face primarily. Making the best use of the space is important in terms of design and your branding but Facebook shrinks your large profile image down when you make updates and you will find that the ideal position for your mug shot is actually about 52 pixels down from the top of your image. You really do not want a strange part of your image showing up alongside your content and updates.

The second area that perplexes people is what they call the Facebook Page Wall Photos. These are five images that appear at the top of your Facebook Page Wall and they are tricky to get right.

Facebook will shrink the images you put on your Facebook Page wall to one tenth of the size so the ideal size to make your photos is actually 970 pixels wide by 680 pixels high. By using an image resizing tool, which you can find easily for free online you can avoid the problematic effects that Facebook creates when it shrinks your images.

Do not forget to add some text and more information about you and your business underneath those wall photos, they will be seen every time one of your updates get read. You can also include a link back to your blog or website under the images too because this is prime real estate we are talking about.

The new people driven economy is something that has grown at lightning speed since broadband became more widely available. Social Media is now the most popular activity online so for any small businesses looking at Facebook Pages for the first time it is all going to seem extremely overwhelming. Your current and future customers are talking daily to people they know online good or bad businesses now need to become more transparent and open than ever before to survive. If you want more info about how to build your brand online there is a link below for a free seven day bootcamp that will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

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