Hand-Coding Vs Automated Coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML Conversion

There is always being a confusion between hand-coding or automated coding in context of pixel perfect PSD to HTML conversion when it comes to select which one is better – human or technology. Which is better option for converting PSD to HTML – automated coding or human coding? In the niche market of web development and web programming, both – manual coding and automated coding are preferred for converting PSD based files into HTML.

One can find myriad statements regarding hand-coding and automated coding based on different perspectives of people. Some web developers say that man has created technology to streamline some process and machines worth nothing without man. On the other hand, some people say that advanced technology is the necessity of the hour and human requires it to do most of the things.

Let’s begin comparison between hand-coding vs automated coding with software generated codes first. There are many online softwares available for converting PSD into HTML proclaiming for high-quality PSD conversion into the desired format. On the other side of the coin, hand-coding or manual coding is the most meticulous work that requires experienced and skilled HTML developer backed by solid knowledge of (X)HTML codes and web programming.

Quick Glance at a Hand-coding vs automated coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML conversion:

Lack of accuracy: In the automated software coding, lack of accuracy and aesthetical value has been outlined in converting PSD format based files into strong HTML mark-up language. On the other hand, human coders generally ensure SEO semantic and cross browser compatible manual coding.

Time-saving: It is belived that PSD conversion through automated software coding is quite time-saving whereas hand-coding takes comparatively more time.

Cost-effective: The automated software PSD conversion is very cost-effective in comparison to professional hand-coding from restricted budget point of perspective. People with huge budget prefer manual coding by hiring dedicated web developer for highest level of quality.

High Risks: The hand-coding of PSD conversion through dedicated XHTML developer ascertain forclean, easy-to-read, table-less and error-less codes whereas majority of automated softwares failed to provide it.

From the above hard-boiled comparison, an individual can conclude that the stiff competition between man and machine for ‘superiority’ will never end. In this context, people with minimal knowledge of HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups prefer automatic coding to convert PSD format based file into HTML/XHTML contrary to that people looking for high-quality codes hire virtual assistance of dedicated web developer for hand-coding. It mainly depends on the business requirement, budget and expected quality standards on individualistic needs.