Nikon D7000: The Perfect “Prosumer” Camera

Prosumer is the term coined from the two words, professional and consumer. Unlike a professional, a Prosumer will be looking at high end at cheaper levels, and unlike a consumer, a Prosumer looks for high end products over price. Prosumer was termed especially for people buying Cameras due to the fact that there are several cameras that could meet professional requirements with the price for consumers wanting to use it for personal reasons.

The Nikon D7000 is a prosumer model. It has a professional edge with a reasonable price tag. There are several reasons for why the D7000 would be ideal for the prosumer. The camera boasts several features. The most basic feature of the camera is its 16 mega pixel resolution. For any amateur this would be the feature that decides the purchase of the D7000. The more megapixels, the better the quality of the still photograph one would get. Both the brand name and the fact that this camera is a new release would make this Camera a definite buy.

But for those who know much more than the just about the resolution of the camera, will know the other pros about this camera. The camera has improvements and enhancements in almost every aspect. Photos clicked with this camera can be fine tuned with different settings and modes such as the White light, location, and flash. The camera even has newly added modes for different locations and for different types of photographs, for example it has separate settings for areas with lots of shade or there are special settings of clicking shots of silhouettes. For professional photographers, there is not just a few specializations. There are photographers with even the most unusual specializations. From popular and the well known types of photography like Fashion and Wildlife to the unheard types like Equine (photos of horses) and Food Photography, photographers need to take shots in the most unpredictable settings. Thus Nikon D7000’s wide variety of features satisfy the needs of the professionals to some extent (obviously ultimately it’s the craftsmanship of the Photographer himself to adjust the camera settings manually to satisfy his vision). And the price at which this camera comes, it is worth the buy for them.

…Reasons why D7000 may not be the perfect prosumer camera

For those buyers who see the camera according to the megapixels the camera has, they are not wrong in believing that more mega pixels means better quality photographs. However that is only half the story. The D7000’s 16 mega pixel camera sounds impressive, but there is more to it. In order to produce a high quality picture with a camera with 16 mega pixels, the glass of the lens has to be of high quality also. Ignorantly, people buy Cameras like the Nikon D7000 without thinking about the lens that they have to buy along with it. They may not buy the lens from Nikon, and may resort to a more affordable brand but that will not bring out the camera’s prowess of capturing still photographs or making movies with the highest quality. Many professionals may notice this drawback and hence may prefer to buy the 12 megapixel predecessors of the D7000. Hence, despite the price and tons of features and capabilities of the D7000, it’s small drawbacks may not make it the best DSLR camera to buy.